A design prototype for TaxiTreats.

You’re coming home from the bar with a cute “friend” sitting beside you in the cab. Then, you realize you have terrible breath. But don’t fear — your taxi has you covered.

Coming to a cab near you is the ultimate hook-up prep: a vending machine that sells condoms, mouthwash, gum and Old Spice cologne. Called TaxiTreats, the vending machines are there to offer you convenience items you want when you need them.

“TaxiTreats is a digital vending machine that offers point of sale and point of purchase capabilities,” Adam Gartenberg, VP of Business Development at TaxiTreats told BostInno via email. “We directly connect the consumer with the product company and can provide these brands with sales analytics regarding the demographics of their customers.”

The vending machines, called Vengo, were designed by TaxiTreats founder Brian Shimmerlik, a New York University MBA candidate. In 2012, the New York City Economic Council awarded Shimmerlik a $17,500 to develop his Vengo idea. Since then, he has raised $1 million in private funding for his concept. The first Vengo was installed in a New York bar, but the plan is to have them installed in office buildings, doctor’s offices and taxis as well.

The vending machines aren’t your average old school machine — they are touch-screen, credit card only and supply everything for your on-the-go needs.

“Our software allows us to not only display advertisements specific to our product selection, but any other advertisements as well. Our goal is to enhance the experience of taxi riders domestically and internationally by providing them with specific convenience items,” said Gartenberg.

“TaxiTreats started with a crazy idea: what if we could grab the products we need on the way to our destination? The question kept us up at night. So we put together a team of aerospace engineers to start from scratch and began to re-imagine the vending machine,” said the TaxiTreats website.

The only problem is that these vending machines are currently only on tap for New York City this summer. So if you want to get it on in a cab in Boston, you should bring your own goodies.