The forces behind the Internet may have cornered yet another celebrity into doing something they didn’t plan on.

Pop sensation Taylor Swift, who recently partnered up with pizza maker Papa John’s as well as a textbook company called Chegg, to promote a contest to get her to play at a campus selected by fans on Facebook, could be coming to the Hub.

Users on 4Chan and Reddit hijacked the contest and began entering in Allston’s Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing  as the place for Swift to do her guest performance.

The school lists itself as the oldest public day school for the deaf in the United States.

“Even the deaf kids are going to hate having to lip read her crappy a** music,” wrote one anonymous user on 4Chan.

As part of the contest, Chegg will also toss the top five schools with the most votes $10,000 in grant money to go towards their music department.

While there is no leader board saying which school is ahead, Horace Mann currently has 28,914 votes trying to lure the banjo-playing temptress to perform for students. Early this morning, according to reports, the school had only 6,000 votes.

In order to vote, users must “Like” Swift on Facebook (we sacrificed our good name in order to bring you the most up-to-date score). Participants are able to vote everyday on

One Reddit user pointed out, however, that due to restrictions buried within the rules of the contest, the superstar may have the ability to opt out of the show.

“If Music Event details cannot be agreed upon with Taylor Swift and the Grand Prize Winning School, Chegg may award the Music Event to another school(time permitting),” the rules state.

“Seeing as deaf kids will have never heard Taylor Swift, and the event will cost a lot of money, I can’t see the school accepting a concert,” said the user.

Chegg will announce the Grand Prize winning school of the music event on October 5, according to the rules.

It might not be all that bad for Swift in the end, since she is spending so much time in Massachusetts anyways with her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

Swift has yet to respond to the contest takeover on Twitter, but she is most likely busy basking in the fact that her newest hit “We are Never…” has been sitting at the top of some music charts.

This is the second time in recent weeks that users on 4Chan have manipulated the outcome of crowd-sourced contests by getting the masses to participate. A Mountain Dew contest called “Dub the Dew” led to strange suggestions pouring in for new drink brand names.