Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs will be one of the top go-to guys for the media in anticipation of the Ravens and Patriots’ fourth postseason meeting in six years Saturday. The one-time Defensive Player of the Year is one of the most feared pass-rushers in football, and he’s never shy about speaking his mind.

After the Ravens defeated the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium in 2013, Suggs said the Pats are the “most arrogant pricks in the world.” He’s already promised this week to stand in the way of a Tom Brady and Peyton Manning AFC Championship Game rematch.

Suggs’ trash talk will be a hot topic for the next five days, but it’s unlikely that any of the attention he receives prior to Saturday’s Divisional Round showdown will cover his history with alleged domestic abuse. Suggs’ wife, Candace Williams, has filed for two protective orders against him over the last six years.

Suggs was able to skate by at the height of the NFL’s domestic violence crisis last fall, even though his former teammate Ray Rice was suspended indefinitely for assaulting his now-wife inside of an elevator. Surely, he’ll get through this week unscathed as well.

The first protective order came in December 2009, when Williams said Suggs knocked her to the ground after an argument over tickets to an upcoming game. Williams also said Suggs threw a soap dispenser at her head, and held an open bottle of bleach over her and their one-year-old son.

A judge granted the protective order, but rescinded it at Williams’ request. The same routine would happen again three years later.

This time, Williams alleged Suggs hit her in the neck, and “drove a car containing their two children at a ‘high rate of speed’ while she was being dragged alongside.” Suggs was ordered to surrender his seven firearms after the protective order was issued.

Once again, Williams asked for the protective order to be removed. No charges were filed.

If the Ravens picked up Rice after he was reinstated, questions would be asked. The video of him pummeling his wife, Janay, would be replayed over and over again prior to Saturday’s kick off.

TMZ Sports released the video of Rice’s altercation with Janay Sept. 8, and the Ravens cut him hours later. Suggs was a topic of conversation the next day, but not for the reasons you may think. He wore a shirt that poked fun at Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, and received a number of questions about his playful jab. Nobody thought to ask Suggs about the jabs he reportedly threw at his wife in 2009 and 2012, though.

Suggs was never suspended for his alleged transgressions, probably because no tape accompanied them. Even though Rice’s legal case was settled by the start of the season, the NFL and Ravens still cut ties with him. The video damaged Rice’s reputation, but Suggs continues on.

That pattern won’t change this week. Patriots fans will probably hear plenty from Suggs, but nothing about his troubling off-field past.