According to a report from, former Red Sox manager Terry Francona has teamed up with the writer that every Boston fan loves to hate, Dan Shaughnessy, to write a book detailing Francona’s eight years at the helm of the Boston Red Sox.

The book, which will be published by Houghton Mifflin, will provide “an insightful, honest and entertaining” account of Francona’s time with the Red Sox. That of course, began with a comeback for the ages and the team’s first World Series in 86 years, peaked again four years later with a second championship and ended after the most historic tailspin in the history of the game cost Boston a nine and-a-half game lead and a playoff berth three months ago.

“Francona was arguably the most successful manager in franchise history during one of the most storied chapters of that history,” said Gary Gentel, president of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Trade Division. “Meanwhile, Dan Shaughnessy has covered the Red Sox for more than three decades. This powerful combination is certain to craft a book that will inform and entertain any fan of baseball,”

Shaughnessy’s coverage of that 2004 Red Sox team made waves nationally, especially the work he did in unearthing then-third baseman Kevin Millar’s gem of a quote, “don’t let us win tonight,” from before the Red Sox won Game Four of the American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees, which the Red Sox would win in 12 innings, eventually unseating their hated rivals in the most famous comeback of all time.

The book, which has no anticipated release date yet, should be an immediate best-seller, as Francona is universally beloved around Red Sox Nation and Shaughnessy is universally despised by the same crowd. Given Shaughnessy’s propensity for asking tough questions, though, we’re all likely to get treated to some juicy tidbits that we couldn’t possibly have dreamt about. Houghton Mifflin definitely has landed themselves a winner, and they know it.

“We’re thrilled to publish the story,” Gentel said.