Authors note: I can’t believe I have to explain this, but this piece is satire.

Brogramming, the act of programming carried out by a bro, seems to be a rising trend. Programmers are mixing their love of developing with aspects of ‘bro’ culture all over the Hub. For example, if you search for ‘brogramming’ on Twitter, you’ll notice a slew of Boston folk.

But what specifically makes one a brogrammer? To find out, check out the 10 commandments of brogramming:

1. Brogrammers focus on the hippest possible web development technologies: Ruby on Rails, Scala, Node.js, SASS, HAML and CSS3 are all acceptable.

2. Exercise: Usually in the form of running or pull-ups. The latter is usually done between bouts of coding, as Boundless Learning shows us here:

3. Caffeine: Lots of it, all day.

4. “I don’t often test my code, but when I do it I prefer to do it in production:” Cowboy up and ship code to the live site.

5. Dubstep: an absolute must. Nothing puts you in the dev zone quite like a little Skrillex.

6. Continuous deployment: pushing code on every single commit.

7. Shirts optional: (more here)

8. Standing desks: you think you can reach full bro-tential by sitting down? Get out of here.

9. Steak & Eggs: every good brogrammer starts his or her day off with a little brotein.

10. Beer o’clock is any time after noon: However, if an all-nighter is pulled, Beer o’clock is whenever.

There are a handful of other elements that make up a brogrammer (sick shades, actually using Hackathon projects), but if you follow the above 10 commandments, you’ll be brogramming in no time.

Thanks to both Boundless Learning and HubSpot (the inbound marketing and lead generation software company) for providing the brogramming images.