This is a guest post contributed by Gabi and Alexander of A Boston Blazer, a Boston-based men’s and women’s fashion, lifestyle and design blog that highlights stylish standouts around the city.

There aren’t too many things better than a fresh haircut. No matter how sharp you’re dressed, if you’re having a bad hair day your confidence is going to be off.

As guys, we’re generally looking for a no-fuss experience at a barbershop. Wherever you go has to be welcoming, semi-affordable and somewhere you can shoot the bull a bit without fear of judgment. However, when we walk in to get a haircut, it’s not a simple cash-and-services transaction. As customers, and as dudes, we tend to form relationships with our barbers that transcend the usual business of buying clothes or paying a plumber.

With that thought in mind, I tracked down a few of the very best barbershops Boston has to offer. This list is by no means exhaustive, and doesn’t necessarily include the most expensive or the most renowned, but rather those that build and maintain a legion of loyal customers. If there are any we missed, drop a comment below so we can track them down for next time.

Ball and Buck

In the very back of Ball and Buck is one of the best kept menswear secrets in Boston. Run by Dwayne, the barbershop there is a one-chair-show slotted right at the edge of the store. While the cuts are sharp and the wet shaves are luxurious, ask for the off-the-menu “buckwild” to get the trendy look of the moment. Also, be sure to book a few weeks in advance as the wait can get a little long.

If you go: Ball and Buck | 144 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116 | (617) 262-1776

Tweed Barbers 

Tweed feels like an old timey barbershop updated for the modern day. The atmosphere is jovial, with plenty of backslaps and jokes to go around. However, behind all the laughs is a group of very talented barbers who are skilled at both trendy and classic looks. Unlike Ball and Buck, these guys can probably fit you in in a pinch (I called the day before), but, if you do have to hang out, their plush leather couches are ready and waiting.

If you go: Tweed Barbers | 1313 Washington St., Boston, MA 0212 | (617) 753-9990 

Razors Barbershop and Shave Parlor 

Razors is recognizable by two things: the lime-green walls and the lines out the door. This spot has been a local haven for those on the “right” side of the river for years, building up legions of loyal customers and supporters. The good news is, with the new appointment only system that launched this past month, we’ll hopefully see less lines and even more satisfied customers.

If you go: Razors Barbershop & Shave Parlor | 308 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA 02144 | (617) 625-4444

Barbershop Deluxe

In its own words, Barbershop Deluxe aims to “provide a comfortable, affordable, classic-style barber shop to its neighbors and visitors.” In the words of the shop’s customers, they nailed it. Nestled in among the brick walled houses of the South End, Barbershop Deluxe is one of the mostly highly rated spots for men’s haircuts in the city, and for good reason. The shop is beautiful and affordable, and clients rave about the skills of the barbers that work there. On top of everything, their online booking system makes getting an appointment painless.

If you go: Barbershop Deluxe | 288 Columbus Ave., Boston, MA 02116 | (617) 425-1928

Sly’s Barber Shop

Sly’s Barbershop has been a favorite for Cambridge locals for years, and is probably the most affordable spot out of those listed here. With haircuts clocking in at $12 a pop, we can easily see this as a go-to spot for monthly or even weekly visits. Don’t be fooled by its humble outside; customers rave about Sly, the man behind the shears.

If you go: Sly’s Barber Shop | 321 Western Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139 | (617) 491-3940


All photos and illustrations by Alexander and Gabi of A Boston Blazer