From the Shake Weight to the Slap Chop, from Vince to Billy Mays, infomercials have made celebrities out of both people and products alike. They even helped to turn Chuck Norris into a household name, although I’m sure that Jonah Peretti would have something to say about that as well.

Booty Pop is one of those ideas that sounds great until you actually take a look in the mirror and then you’re forced to admit to yourself that you’re not attractive enough. Almost makes the girls getting cement shot into their butts look good. Fortunately, PhotoShop is now about as easy to use as 911, so everyone’s ass can look great, all the time.

If you didn’t want Moon Shoes as a kid, you had no soul. Sure, not everyone could have a trampoline in their backyard, but anyone could have a trampoline on their feet. And that beats the hell out of having wheels on your shoes.

Here’s a video about Snuggies. That’s all I have to say about this awful phenomenon. I can’t believe I put this in here.

The Shake Weight is the anti-Booty Pop. It’s fun, practical, a good workout and it’s a whole lot of fun to watch in action. Oh, and it’s not come off when you shower.

The Magic Bullet was great in theory, but awful in practice. It had almost no power, broke down way too easily and never blended anything consistently. But the idea was awesome and the commercials were pretty good, too.

But where the Magic Bullet failed, the Slap Chop succeeded with flying colors. To this day, I lament the fact that I haven’t bought one, but clearly I’m in no hurry to go buy one anyway so…whatever. I think I just like saying “you’re gonna love my nuts.”

Still, the Slap Chop isn’t Vince’s biggest conquest to date. You know what is? The Schticky.