It’s “The End of Men” they cheered in 2010 — the same year women were still earning 77 cents to every dollar men made.

Despite how far females have come, women occupy only 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions. What’s more, a majority of female entrepreneurs are paying themselves less than their male counterparts.

Narratives like “The End of Men” allow us to collectively creep closer to stagnation. A gender gap still exists, however, meaning now is not the time to stop the conversation. The Ad Club recognizes this, and wants women to chirp up and chime in.

The Ad Club’s annual Women’s Leadership Forum will take place Wednesday, March 19, at the Westin located on Boston’s waterfront. Sixteen speakers will take the stage — women “from all generations and walks of life” — to share their story, inspire fellow females and highlight what makes women “exxceptional.”

Yet, there’s no need to wait until Wednesday to start the discussion.

Leading up to this year’s conference, the Ad Club launched a poetry slam contest on Twitter that couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply tweet out a poem using the hashtag #XXPoets. The only catch is, the poem must somehow incorporate the letter “Y.” Successfully complete the Ad Club’s mission, and you could win two Red Sox opening day tickets or a $200 gift card to TJX.

Poems have already started pouring in:

For more examples, take a look at the Ad Club’s promotional poster below.

Stay tuned for more of BostInno’s 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum coverage. To purchase tickets, click here. For the full agenda, click here.