Today, successful women are everywhere. Senators and CEOs. Professors and politicians. Doctors and lawyers. In the midst of such high-achieving females, it is easy to think, “Hey, we’ve made it.”

Not so fast.

For every woman who’s climbed the corporate ladder or broken into the boys club, there are thousands who — try as they might — simply cannot overcome the odds stacked against them. Sure, we’ve made progress, but there is still a dearth of female leaders. Women occupy only 14.6 percent of executive office positions and female CEOs make on average 17 percent less than their male counterparts.

Lack of female leaders remains an issue — one that we must continue to discuss. Because, if the conversation fizzles out, so to will women’s ambition to advance.

Fortunately, here in Boston there is one place keeping the conversation alive: The Ad Club’s Women’s Leadership Forum. Every year, the Ad Club invites notable female leaders to speak at this conference exploring what makes a great woman. While only a half-day event, it often proves to be an inspiring, even life-changing, few hours, empowering women of all ages to make the impossible possible and fulfill their extraordinary potential.

Annually, the Ad Club recruits a group of female speakers with an awe-inspiring resume of accomplishments. But the ladies’ similarities end there. These exceptional women span generations, professions, perspectives and cultures. No two stories are alike, and their vast diversity of experience combines to create a deep well of wisdom benefitting women from all walks of life.

The 2014 Conference is no exception. This year’s speakers include three U.S. immigrants, two CEOs and one “expert on happiness.” Among them are an American history scholar, a CNN political contributor and the former Special Representative to Muslim Communities. These women manage nonprofits, shape policy and speak all over the nation. They’ve traveled the globe, met with Presidents, appeared on television and fought for human rights. They are entrepreneurs and educators. Authors and activists. Humanitarians and heroes. Yet they still find time to be mothers, wives — and and even run marathons.

See the entire list of phenomenal speakers below.

Bottom line: These women are leaders, and great ones of that, and they have stories worth sharing. Hear them at the Women’s Leadership Forum on March 19th at the Westin, Boston Waterfront, 11 am-6:30 pm. 

Stay tuned for more of BostInno’s 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum coverage.

To learn more, check out the 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum event site, and for the latest updates, follow @theadclub and search #AdClubWomen.