No matter what industry you are in, the Internet can be a difficult place to get noticed due to lots of competition.  However, the Internet is where target audience members are spending their time.  If you don’t have an online presence or an online marketing strategy, you are missing out on potential new business opportunities as well as the opportunity to build and establish relationships with current customers or clients.  A key way to get noticed online is by creating quality content that can be shared with target audience members.   Perhaps the best way to do so is by incorporating a business blog into the architecture of your website.  An active business blog has the following benefits:

Gets the attention of the search engines

In order to determine what the best search results are for certain queries, the search engine spiders crawl the web from link to link.  When a website publishes a new page of content (like a blog post) the search engines return to the site in order to analyze the page and index it.  If your website is never updated, the search engine spiders have no reason to return.  Timely and “fresh” content is rewarded by the search engines.

More opportunity to rank

The static content on your website can only rank for so many keywords.  It’s likely that there are additional keywords that may be relevant that you were unable to target on the main pages.  These keywords can be targeted within blog posts that can eventually rank for those keywords.  Remember, the search engines rank individual pages, not websites as a whole.  Incorporating a blog onto your site increases the number of pages that the site has and increases the chances that a web page will rank and be clicked on.

Provides social media content

The key to social media success (much like blogging success) is to keep the account active by continually posting engaging content.  This is where many businesses struggle.  They get started with social media management, but then realize that they don’t have anything to share.  If you have an active blog, you will always have blog content to share with followers that will help improve your social signals as people Re-Tweet, Like, and Share it.

Provides newsletter content

Newsletters are still a viable way to keep in contact with potential and current clients and customers.  Newsletter recipients may not visit your blog on a regular basis, so a good strategy is to share blog posts within the newsletter content along with other information about what is going on within your business.

Builds inbound links

Inbound links that build naturally over time help to establish search engine trust.  It’s doubtful that people are going to link to your products or services pages on a regular basis.  What they will link to is content that helps them in some way and provides them with valuable insights.

Generates traffic to your site

An active business blog that produces good content will generate traffic to the site.  If visitors like what they see on the blog they might click around the other pages of your site increasing the likelihood that they will become a lead or make a purchase.