Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as they say, and one cheating chump has learned this all too well after receiving what is quite possibly the most brutal breakup letter ever to hit the big time.

Posted to Imgur (where it’s amassed over 600 comments) and since picked up by Gawker, the letter opens with a cheery, “Hey Honey!” and is littered with hearts and exclamation points — all of which are one big “F–k You” facade for the pure, unadulterated rage boiling beneath.

So this dude left his Facebook page open and got a message from that two-timing bitch Kelsi. (Sorry Kelsi, I suppose you might not have known?) Instead of embarking on her time-honored right of going ape-shit on all his stuff, tossing computers out third-floor windows and burning precious baseball card collections, she took the high road instead — by sprinkling all his worldly possessions around locations that should have been meaningful in their relationship if he hadn’t been a cheating dog.

Your clothes are where we first met!

Your video games are where we first kissed!

Your laptop is where we bought our first video game together!

Your T.V. is where we went ‘all the way.’

The brilliance in this, aside from the sheer deviousness of making the guy work for it, is that some of these places, I’d presume, are public, meaning, as she puts it, “I can’t guarantee anybody else won’t find it! Happy hunting!”

It’s also entirely possible this guy has no idea where they first met, and therefore just donated his entire wardrobe to some unsuspecting passerby (or homeless guy).

The kicker in all this is that everything else of his is now waiting at Kelsi’s house, because that’s where he’d rather be anyway. Right?

I feel bad for this girl. Nobody deserves to be cheated on. But if you’re forced to end a relationship as a result, take notes — this is how you do it.