This video has been dubbed “The Boston Driver Song” by Masshole Sports, who posted the video on their YouTube channel today.

I had a professor in college who would give two grades on papers: one for content and one for execution/style. My ideas were solid, but, I admit, I was very stream of consciousness back in the day. My grades were typically an A-/B- on his papers.

Sidebar: Shout out Wheaton College Lyons. 

That’s what I give this video — an A- for content, B- for execution/style.

It’s a catchy tune; reminds me of “Cruisin’ the USA” on N64. Also, whoever was singing/spittin’ hot fire could be the next Drake. Seriously, not sure if this guy took a second to breathe or not. If “The Boston Driver Song” doesn’t catch on, I suggest changing the name to “Cruisin’ the HYFR”, and calling it a Drake/N64 mashup.

This could have used some more Boston visuals. The lack of such, broadens, rather than narrows the scope of the video.


H/T Boston redditors.

Double H/T to Wheaton College’s English department.