In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston’s startup community was absolutely awe inspiring in the swiftness and unity it provided in helping those injured both directly and indirectly.  Your leadership helped raise over $325,000 for those injured, helped restaurants recover that had been shutdown, and brought together the community in a time when everyone was looking for the comfort of a friend.  However, as Ken Feinberg has already suggested, our work and the $30million raised through the One Fund is just a start to helping people resume their lives.

Alongside the physical injuries sits mental recovery, which is impacting not just those eligible for One Fund dollars but many of our friends throughout the city.  Many will deal with feeling a little bit less safe than they did yesterday, will question the core of our community identity, will puzzle at why they weren’t the ones injured, and will ask why they didn’t do more to help.

We have decided to address these mental health issues head on as a community and are working with Atlas Venture, OpenView Partners, and Silicon Valley Bank to host a fundraiser next Wednesday, June 19th from 5:30-9pm on OpenView Partners’ beautiful roof deck.  We will be raising money for Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s mental health offices, which are helping lead the charge in providing free psychology and psychiatric services for those from throughout our community (as well as over direct 25 bombing victims) that have found themselves lost after the events on April 15thDr. Lisa Hartwick from BIDMC will be on board to discuss what working with bombing patients has been like and what they are doing to address longer-term recovery.  Even if you have given previously, your support is called on again to help Boston come back strong.  Dinner and drinks will be provided.  Spaces are limited so sign up now!

In addition to the mental health issues, we encourage you to join us as we tag along with the folks from Terrible Labs for a blood drive for the American Red Cross next Monday, June 17th from 2pm-7pm at hack/reduce.  After the bombing, blood stock supplies were depleted so we are coming together to make sure the Red Cross is fully restocked.  If that’s not enough motivation to give, then this may just help:

Thank you again for all of your help to date!  We will see you on both Monday and Wednesday next week!