The Cambridge Innovation Center is expanding its presence north of the river, according to a blog post today by the nonprofit:

CIC is pleased to announce that a new lease has been signed for 52,000 square feet of space on the 1st, 14th and 15th floors at 101 Main Street in Cambridge. 101 Main Street is two doors down from CIC’s current home at One Broadway. The new location is owned by RREEF Real Estate, the real estate investment business of Deutsche Asset Management.

The new space will be a 33% increase above the CIC’s current capacity. It’s not clear if this is the expansion centered around socially conscious startups that Scott Kirsner reported recently. That space was supposed to be in Cambridge and to open early in 2013, so it seems likely that this is that, though it’s not mentioned in the post. (I’m checking with the CIC.)

UPDATE: The CIC’s Geoff Mamlet replies that the new space will house some socially minded startups and some regular commercial enterprises like the CIC does.

Though construction is underway on the Boston Innovation Center, this expansion further cements Kendall as king in terms of tech and startups in Boston. The density of innovation there is getting high enough that you really do just walk around and bump into members of the community, something that will be hard to duplicate.