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The Dark Knight Rises finally hits movie theatres midnight Friday July 20th. Seven years after Batman Begins, the anticipation of plot rumors, casting, and advertising will all lead to an epic end to the legendary Batman saga. The Dark Knight Rises is projected to surpass every fan’s expectation of a jaw-dropping action packed movie. Actors Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Morgan Freeman star in the saga’s trilogy. Is director Christopher Nolan capable of being nominated for another two Oscars and bring in more than $1 billion to wrap up the trilogy? For all you IMAX addicts, there has been at least an hour of footage shot in IMAX. Click here for Trailer

Tickets-The Knight isn’t the only one rising this week; the ticket prices have skyrocketed. If you’re a die-heart fan, you already know that midnight IMAX screenings sold out not weeks, but months ago. Now, people are trying to scalp tickets off Craigslist and eBay for way more than the average asking price. One eBay seller in Iowa is asking for $140 for one screening…hope it’s worth it! The majority of sellers are asking for $25-$40, but make sure to check out your local theater before spending too much. In some theatres, The Dark Knight Rises will be shown at 14 different times, not even 15 minutes after the premiere has ended.

My eBay search for Dark Knight Rises Tickets…guess I’m too late.

Tickets Still Available?

As of Wednesday July 18th at 12 pm, the following theaters still have tickets available:

AMC Loews Boston Common- 175 Tremont St, Boston

12:09 am July 20th tickets here
12:12 am tickets
12:13 am tickets
12:14 am tickets

AMC Chestnut Hill 5- 27 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill ATTN: MIDNIGHT PREMIERE: 12:01 am

AMC Burlington Cinema 10- 20 South Ave, Burlingon
12:02 am tickets available
12:03 am tickets

Regal Fenway Stadium 13 & RPX- 201 Brookline Ave, Boston
12:07 am tickets available

IMAX Screens of The Dark Knight Rises Near You-

Jordan’s IMAX- 1 Underprice Way (Route 9) Natick (tickets not sold online)

Jordan’s IMAX- 50 Walkers Brook Drive, Reading (tickets not online)

 AMC Loews Boston Common: tickets for 3:30 am, July 20th still available

What’s Your Best Bet?

Order them online via your local movie theatre, (if tickets are still available) now! Tickets are flying so I highly suggest that you don’t wait another minute. If you refuse to see The Dark Knight Rises anywhere but your favorite theatre, wait a few days and enjoy the movie without having to stress about scalping the last ticket.

My next search: Stubhub. Clearly I am not having luck scalping any tickets. Good thing I can still purchase them via movie theatres near me!