“These are roughly 28,835 jelly beans,” says the monotonous and captivating narrator in The Time You Have. “In this pile, there’s one jelly bean for each day the average American will live. You might have more beans in your life or maybe less, but on average this is the time we have.”

The video proceeds to parse the pile of jelly beans into smaller groups, accounting for the activities we all typically engage in every day, week or year of our lives.

On average, it says, we’re asleep for 8,477 days, in the process of eating, drinking or preparing food for 1,635 days. We work, hopefully in jobs we’re happy with and that have meaning to us, for 3,202 days, and 1,099 days are spent commuting or traveling from one place to another.

We watch television for 2,677 days, grind through household activities, like chores, tending to pets, and shopping, for 1,576 days. We spend 671 days of our lives bathing, grooming and “all other bathroom related activities.”

We care for needs of others, like friends, family and the like, for 564 days.

“After we remove all those beans, this is what remains, this is the time that we have left … So what are you going to do with this time? How much of it do you think you’ve already used up. If you only had half of it, what would you do differently? What about half of that? How much time have you already spent worrying, instead of doing something that you love? What if you just had one more day? What are you going to do today?”