The way we experience music isn’t just changing. It’s being revolutionized. Today, two companies that have worked together previously in spearheading this revolution have announced a new partnership. The Echo Nest and Spotify have integrated their APIs so Spotify app developers can tap into the deep well of The Echo Nest’s musical intelligence according to The Echo Nest.

Here’s some information from the announcement:

“This partnership will make it easy for developers to mash up The Echo Nest and Spotify APIs to create all kinds of apps.”

The Echo Nest is integrating Spotify IDs into a resolution service called Rosetta Stone.

As we’ve previously reported, Rosetta Stone (music ID mapping) “helps music services ‘speak the same language’ on a data level by translating unique identifiers across multiple services.”

The personalization of music discovery and formulating playlists is becoming more and more ubiquitous in the digital age. Making use of the Echo Nest’s “robust” data platform, Spotify apps that are designed to further the personalization of music will benefit greatly.

The announcement adds, “Rosetta Stone will enjoy the ease with which that data can be incorporated.”

“As songs play, an app could display lyrics, Tweets and Facebook updates from the artists being played alongside ticket offers.”

It’s kind of odd to think, but CDs (compact discs that is) are near obsolete. Some might even laugh at me for including the word “near” where I did. Either way, one thing is clear. The spirit of entrepreneurship that has embraced technology is outrunning the record industry that once monopolized the way we listen to music.

Music moves, but the people with half a mind to make a living bringing music to consumers are catching up.

According to the announcement:

A wise (but very strange) employee of The Echo Nest once said that data is the DNA of software and APIs are its sex organs. We’re not exactly sure what that means for this partnership, but we’re pretty happy about it.

I’m not entirely sure either. But my speakers are turned on.