A sunny, cool evening on the Rose Kennedy Greenway was made even better last night by the first Boston Calling Block Party, the new outdoor summer series that’s taken over in place of the Downtown Crossing Block Party series of years’ past. With a stage set up on the green in Dewey Square and $4 Shocktops pouring, the party proved that outdoor beer and live music can successfully flourish on the city’s coveted green space, out in the open air, and the world won’t stop turning.

Part of the reason behind the block party’s move from Downtown Crossing to the Greenway’s Dewey Square was the expanse of space. The open layout, located near the bustling South Station, provides more accessibility than the previously tucked-away party on Summer Street. It also makes good use of the gorgeous Greenway, which, while it provides a stretch of green right at the edge of the busy Financial District, can go under-utilized. But last night’s party proved one thing: The Greenway has potential, and we should be taking advantage of that.

During the first Block Party, sponsored by Radio BDC and Shocktop, guests enjoyed the great outdoors with $4 Shocktops and live music on set up stage from The Swinging Johnsons. Each week, Shocktops will be served and a new local act will take this stage, with the artists selected by the team at Boston Calling.

The block party series is Mayor Marty Walsh-approved, with the Mayor quoted in the official release as saying that the series “will make the Rose Kennedy Greenway and our whole city even more vibrant.” Check out Tweets and photos of the first event yourself to see if you agree – and be sure to head to the Block Party yourself on Thursdays from 5 to 8 p.m. through September.

Featured image via Mike Diskin