At Chipotle, every burrito is a tortilla-wrapped bundle of personalized joy. You picked the meat, the beans, the heat-degree of salsa, and all the fixins, and now that baby-sized ‘rito is all yours. There’s something magical about that experience, getting to be the master of your own lunchtime Mexican-inspired fate. Sigh.

And today, that experience will transcend to a different world: the world of pizzas. Crush Pizzeria Napoletana officially opens Thursday, November 14 on State Street in the Financial District after a few delays, and it’s the only ‘Chipotle-style’ pizza shop around. The first location is in Nashua, New Hampshire, and now, the personalized pizza experience has hit Boston.

Here’s how it works: First, you decide if you’d like to choose from one of Crush’s own specialty pies. This route yields options like the Bourbon BBQ Chicken, the Pesto Blast, the classic Hawaiian, or the Toscana. If one of their pizzas is up your alley, all you do is order up. But, if you’re feeling a little choosier than usual, you won’t want someone to have dreamed up all the ingredients before you got there. You’re going to build your own.

First, you choose your base: margherita, pesto, white, or bourbon BBQ. Then, you pick your toppings. Have them pile on the cheese (gorgonzola, ricotta, provolone, feta, buffalo mozzarella), then the meat (prosciutto, house-made sausage or meatballs, tuscan shrimp). Don’t forget the veggies or specialty toppings, like truffle oil or truffle cream. You’re probably thinking that this whole process requires a lengthy lunch break and that a built-from-scratch pizza would take forever to cook, but in that case, you haven’t met Crush’s wood fired ovens.

The ovens, built in Naples, Italy, are cranked up to 900 degrees. The fiery inferno swallows up your pizza – nothing but a raw slap of dough and ingredients at this point – and bakes into a bubbling hot, crispy yet soft, thin crust masterpiece in all of 90 seconds. A minute and a half is all the time you’ll need to spare to bring your creation to life.

Crush also has takeout available, as well as Italian desserts, starters, salads and sandwiches. Of course, don’t forget the wine and beer. It’s lunchtime on a Thursday and you earned it.

If you go: Crush is opening Thursday, November 14 at 107 State Street.

Image via Facebook.