College students started salivating when “The Harlem Shake” hit the Web. You can only go “Gangnam Style” so many times until your neighbors forcefully request you stop hogging the elevator with your awkward hip thrusts and off-tempo lip-syncing. Little did they know “The Harlem Shake” has been around for nearly 30 years, however–almost twice the age of the average college freshman. But a trend is a trend, and what kind of twenty-somethings would they be if they didn’t try and make it go viral?

Boston College is the latest school hopping on the body-wiggling bandwagon. Dozens of students took over the College’s Bapst Library, pretending to study while one fearless fella danced on a table wearing the bare minimum, but with a bucket on his head. Once the bass line drops, everyone joins in on the chaos, dancing as spastically as they can.

The video was posted on Tuesday and has already garnered over 21,000 views. The quick success is a sheer sign that while others are questioning “Why is this a thing?” more of Boston’s college students will start making spoof videos of their own.

The city’s companies have already started catching on. “The Harlem Shake” has hit the Amp Agency, HubSpot and Boston College-born online advertising platform Jebbit:

So, don’t let yourself get sick of the song now. Sorry to say, this is only the beginning of the Harlem Shake.