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If you’re fighting off plague-ridden people in the streets of Boston, the last thing you would want to do is explore the depths of the transportation system.

But that’s what happens in a new video game coming out in the spring, which highlights the Hub in parts of its role play.

In “The Last of Us,” an action-survival game for PS3 about a “population decimated by a modern plague,” the story line begins in Boston, where the main character, Joel, a “violent survivor,” is hired to smuggle a 14 year-old girl, Ellie, out of a military quarantine zone.

“Cities are abandoned and being reclaimed by nature, infected humans run wild and survivors are killing each other for food, weapons; whatever they can get their hands on,” according to Playstation’s website.

The plot of the game takes place 20 years after the epidemic hits the country.

According to images posted to, the MBTA is featured in parts of the game.

In one screenshot posted on the site, a character can be seen blasting an infected person, using a shotgun, outside of a station marked “Forest Hills,” where passengers can catch both the Blue and the Orange Lines.

The website posted the images on February 4.

A mock “Subway” sign with red letters hangs above the station stop. That sign doesn’t actually exist, however.

On a “Wiki” site for “The Last of Us,” users have described Boston’s role in the post-apocalyptic shoot-‘em-up as “a very oppressive military quarantine zone.”

“This place is littered with checkpoints and body scans. If the scan of a person comes out positive, the person is executed on the spot. It also contains a black market where one can buy drugs and weapons,” the user wrote in the description.

“The Last of Us” is scheduled for release in May of this year, according to Playstation’s US website.

Naughty Dog developed the game, which will come out exclusively for PS3.