I often think of Yelp as a great resource for checking out new restaurants, but apparently, you can vet your commute via Yelp, too. After doing a bit of perusing on the site yesterday, I noticed that it has a “public transportation” category, and sure enough, the MBTA has garnered 20 reviews. Just as you’d expected, they’re not that kind. With only 2 stars, users complained of delayed trains, unhelpful employees and general awfulness.

“MBTA is the worst in the WORLD.  THE BOSTON MBTA is an outdated and unsafe MONSTROSITY driven by a corrupt state that has it sunk so deep in debt that can’t even pay the banks interest.” – Savannah K.

“I’ve been re-introduced to the mbta since my car broke down. It big time sucks. It’s ancient and hasn’t kept up with the times. Compare it to the Paris Metro, to the Tube in London or to the Tokyo one and MBTA is a JOKE.” – Sir B.

“The MBTA is not bad when it is working.  BUT that is WHEN it is working.” – Erin S.

Of course, not everyone thinks the T is terrible:

“An A-OK public transportation system. The good: It is well organized and reliable. Stops are conveniently located. Between trains and buses, it is possible to get almost anywhere in the city. The Silver Line was a great addition. Fares are reasonable.” – Elizabeth G.

“I’m from Chicago and I guess the grass is always greener on the other side. By far, I like the T more than any other mass transportation system.” – Michael S.

Beyond the entire MBTA system, Yelp reviewers have also weighed in on specific bus routes and T stations, outlining the pleasures and horrors of your commute before you have the chance to experience it. Enjoy some of our favorites:

Route 77, 13 Reviews, 4 Stars

“I need you. I can’t live without you (unless I just decide to walk). But it can be tough to love you. I know there are three major bottlenecks, but you don’t have to get hung up on all of them. Some of the waits are atrocious.” – Matt S.

“This bus knows how to roll.
Reasons why I love this bus:
1)They come in packs and on time (not like the 1 bus)
2)They always appear when you need one (not like the 1 bus)
3)Fewer winos than on the 1 bus (not like the 1 bus)
4)They stop at the place I bought my bike (not like the 1 bus)
5)They don’t go through Central Square (not like the 1 bus)
6)It is divisible by 7 and 11 (not like the 1 bus)
7)It is not the POS 1 bus (not like the 1 bus)” – Dan C.

Red Line, 3.5 Stars, 109 Reviews

“My sentiments, in haiku form:
I love you, Red Line
you are far superior
to the damn Green Line” – Dor Z.

“Take it from someone who has to ride the MBTA Red Line from Wollaston to Downtown Crossing and back every day.  The Red Line SUCKS.  It sucks because it’s gross and has gross people on it and it also sucks an hour and a half out of my life every day.” – Elizabeth W.

“Best of the five rails. So reliable, I’d hire it to watch my kid.” – Damien S.

Back Bay Station, 29 Reviews, 2.5 Stars

“One of my least favorite T stations in Boston.  This place is a dump.  It’s dirty, sticky, and dark.   Good luck not catching a disease when you use the bathroom.  Do yourself a favor and avoid the bathrooms at all costs.” – Jessica H.

“I agree with the reviewer who said Back Bay Station is “so charming in a dirty, dirty, dirty way.” I give it five stars on principle. Those of you complaining about dirtiness need to stfu and drive your Audi to your destination instead. Get over it, party people, it’s a public mass transit in one of the oldest cities in the country. If you fall asleep and a rat chews your leg off, that’s kinda your fault. Why are you sleeping in Back Bay Station to begin with? Yikes.” – Melanie B.

“I get it. This is a public train station. But, honestly, don’t the patrons deserve clean air? This station needs to seriously revamp (or invest in) their ventilation system. The smog and train exhaust in this joint could kill a person!” – Steph G.

For more entertaining MBTA reviews on Yelp, click here. Happy commuting!