Editor’s Note: BostInno has officially launched its careers platform. To introduce the platform we are running a week long series about hiring in Boston authored by some of Boston’s finest. Hiring in the Hub will shine a light on what it’s like to actually grow your career here in Boston.

What’s the most important job in Boston? I figured it was writing about startups and VC for BostInno, but apparently I’m wrong.

I’ve written about how ex-Vertica CEO Chris Lynch defines big data, about the companies he’s made angel investments in, and about his decision to join Atlas Venture. But as we were gearing up for the launch of our Careers platform and our corresponding “Hiring in the Hub” series, we heard that Lynch was doing some hiring of his own for his latest project.

Lynch helped to found Hack/Reduce, a big data workspace that he swears is much more than just an incubator. So we asked him a few questions about the project, and about the role he’s hiring for.

What exactly is Hack/Reduce?

Hack/Reduce is a non-profit established in partnership with Governor Devall Patrick & the State of Massachusetts, Microsoft, IBM, EMC, and firms committed to innovation in our community : Atlas, Bessemer, Northbridge, aGoodwin Proctor. With additional guidance from local universities including Harvard and MIT, the sole purpose of Hack/Reduce is to establish MA as the center of competency for Big Data. The big barrier is resources: large data sets, storage, computing, etc, cost big $$$, hack/reduce makes these resources available to the community. This is *not* another incubator. Hack/Reduce will develop the necessary talent to create companies and jobs to shape the future in the Big Data driven economy. After successfully establishing Hack/Reduce in Boston, we will take this concept across the nation and eventually the globe. * It’s about hands on learning: tools, techniques, best practices, etc.* it’s also about connecting people that don’t normally connect: supper geeks, business, artists; people that are passionate about content.

Why would someone want to work in “big data”?

Do the Math: There are approximately 1,000 Big Data experts globally to support a $100B Market growing at over 10% annually. Globally, we generate 5 Exabytes of Data every two days; by the way, we only generated about 5 Exabytes of data from the beginning of recorded civilization up through 2003. In fact, last year we created enough data to fill 60 thousand libraries of congress….get the picture?

This creates a Big Data challenge that the worlds leading companies, universities, governments, etc. are all trying to understand and ultimately monetize or make actionable. Within the last decade we’ve seen complex activities like decoding the human genome go from ten years to one week; last year there were more smartphones in use globally than there were people with access to clean running water. The laws of Supply and Demand should lead you to the obvious conclusion – those who understand the Big Data mega-trend and lead the initiative to store, process, analyze, and take action upon vast amounts of data will shape the future. The Big Data tsunami is upon us – like it or not; we will either transform these massive pools of data into actionable insights and improve the world or drown in the noise of false signals and indecision.

This opportunity is pervasive – from Healthcare to Finance, Education to Retail, etc. Business methodologies, engagement strategies, branding techniques, etc. will all change. We will ALL be impacted, the question is will you be at the forefront and part of leading this change or will you watch as the world changes around you?

We’ve heard you’re hiring at Hack/Reduce. What are you looking for?

We need a kick-ass leader to get involved, become accountable, and act as our founding executive director. The ideal candidate is someone with previous technical community building experience, and a robust understanding of technology, but not necessarily an engineer. The executor director will be solely responsible for executing: * Programs for Big Data Projects, * the Big Data Curriculum, * Guest workshops by Open Source committers & Big Data insiders,* Big Data Hackathons and the * Annual Conference.

You’ll work with the best minds in Boston, change the world, get paid, and – yes – have fun.

UPDATE: If you’re interested in the gig or know someone who’d be good for it, you can email Chris directly.