Rejoice! Brass Union, the NYC-style tavern, is opening its doors to the public today in Somerville’s Union Square neighborhood. The brand new eatery and lounge will offer Bostonians a unique and interactive experience.

Brass Union will have two separate and distinct concepts within one restaurant. According to a source, the front restaurant and bar area will embody a New York City-style tavern “reminiscent of the days of yore” while the rear area of the restaurant will be a lively space dedicated to providing guests with games and entertainment.

Diners can expect vintage tabletop video games and a shuffleboard court. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings, you can catch live DJ’s playing funk and soul music in the rear space as well.

And, perhaps, the best part about this new restaurant will be its outdoor patio area opening next week. A source tells us that the patio will include a dining area as well as a “more social, interactive setting” featuring games such as life-size Jenga, Connect Four, and cornhole. Surrounding the patio will be vegetables and fresh herbs, which will be incorporated into the menu.

As far as food is concerned, you can expect American-style small plates including Spicy Shrimp, Steak Frites, and Chicken Wings – all of which we’ve included in the slideshow below. To read about Brass Union’s cocktails, check out our previous post on the restaurant, here.

If you go, Brass Union is located 70 Union Square in Somerville and will open at 4 p.m. today.

All images courtesy of Brass Union