Your favorite Southie ladies –  Jackie, Amber, Dawn, Sharon and Chaffin – are back for a special Christmas episode of the Real Housewives of South Boston. The gaudy makeup, absurd amount of Boston sports gear and Bahhstan accents gather around the tinsel tree for “stanky swap,” which is apparently the trashy housewife version of a traditional Yankee swap. The ladies share gifts like forties and a Tom Brady crucifix, and if you listen closely between the abundance of cuss words, you can also hear references to Whitey Bulger, Framingham State Women’s Penitentiary and, of course, Marky Mark.

The video is the second in a series from Paulilu Productions an LA-based video production company headed by Paul W. Downs and Massachusetts-native Lucia Aniello. “It was fan pressure,” says Downs of the inspiration behind the second sketch. “Eveyone wanted a second one, and we couldn’t deny the fans so we said, ‘here you go.’”

“Also, we needed an excuse to buy a white tree,” adds Aniello.

All the women in the video are Massachusetts natives, adding to the authenticity – and basically giving them the rights – to poke fun at Boston’s thick accents, notorious mafia and sports-crazed fans. While the video is scripted, the ladies don’t rehearse, and about 20-30 percent of the final cut is actually improvised, says Aniello.

“Everyone is really able to make what’s on the page much funnier,” says Downs of the actresses. “For me, as the director, it’s fun to watch them become other people and go crazy.”

While there are no definite plans for another episode in the Southie Housewives saga, the duo says a third installment is “highly likely.” Paulilu Productions makes digital shorts that have been featured by Comedy Central and The New Yorker and Time Out New York. Collaborating since 2007, Downs and Aniello’s sketches have included a who’s who of big-name Hollywood celebs including Jessica Alba, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven, Megan Mullally, Kristin Chenoweth and Vanessa Williams. Most recently, Downs and Aniello wrote, directed and produced digital shorts for the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Without further ado, here are the Real Housewives of South Boston – the Christmas Special. A note to viewers: in true Southie-style, this video contains a lot of foul language, so definitely put headphones on if you’re at work.

And the original episode of the Real Housewives of South Boston:

Can’t get enough of the Real Housewives of South Boston? Purchase a tee here. Downs and Aniello say it may help with a third episode. Hint hint.