The Real Housewives of South Boston are back, drunker and more inappropriate than ever, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! The new parody video features the five lovely Southie residents — Jackie, Amber, Dawn, Sharon and Chaffin — as they prepare for the annual Southie St. Patty’s parade, chug back some beers, and of course, get in plenty of fights at the bar.

Hilariously enough, the creators of the Real Housewives of South Boston, Jessica Eason and Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs of the LA-based Paulilu Productions, drafted a fake press release of the video, complete with quotes form the video’s stars themselves.

Jackie Clarke, proprietor of Jackie’s Packie, said, “I don’t really give a fat shit one way or anotha. Just as long as it gets helps South Boston tourism and the small businesses here…especially Jackie’s Packie off Route 34…where all packs of Newport Lights are buy five, get one free..” She was cut off by Amber Allen who added, “I’m wicked flattered.  As my fame grows so does my bedroom roster, just in time for spring training.” Dawn Wahlberg seemed confused, saying, “Wait! We’re on a reality show!?” Finally, Sharon O’Sharon issued a challenge: “It’s our turf. I would like to formally challenge the new cast members of both shows to a fist fight outside of Croke Park Whitey’s. It will be a fight to the death and just a warning – I’m not the dying type.”

The contact for the press release? Marky Mark’s cousin:

This is the fourth installement of the Real Housewives of South Boston, which first premiered back in October. Since then, we’ve seen the ladies celebrate Christmas, Southie-style and cheer on the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Check out the Real Housewives of South Boston in their hilarious St. Patty’s Day video below. As usual, the ladies’ have potty mouths, so be sure to put headphones in if you’re at work. Bottoms up!