It’s Labor Day weekend, which in Boston means one thing: students are coming back to the city and streets are likely to be jammed.

In line with the back-to-school vibe that’s everywhere, venture capital research firm Pitchbook released its annual University Report, which analyzes the top schools for producing VC-backed entrepreneurs.

Pitchbook broke its rankings into several different categories, including the top undergraduate universities that produced the most VC-backed entrepreneurs, the top schools for female founders, and Ivy League vs. Non-Ivy League.

Locally, Harvard and MIT are in the top three, five or ten in most of the rankings, with other local universities such as Babson, UMass Amherst, Tufts University and Brown University holding top positions for undergrads.

Top Undergraduate Universities for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs (by # of total founders)

Credits: PitchBook 2017 Universities Report

MIT ranked third with 907 founders and $16.11 billion in capital raised, with Harvard at No. 4 counting on its 844 entrepreneurs and $21.92 billion. Brown University in Rhode Island appears at No. 17, producing 426 VC-backed entrepreneurs raising $7.6 billion. Further down the list, Boston University came in at No. 34, with 293 entrepreneurs and $5.0 billion raised, followed by University of Massachusetts Amherst (#41, 242 entrepreneurs, $3.53 billion) and – closely – by Tufts University (#43, 231 entrepreneurs, $3.16 billion).

Top MBA Programs for VC-Backed Entrepreneurs (by # of total founders)

Credits: PitchBook 2017 Universities Report

With over 1,200 entrepreneurs and $28.50 billion raised, Harvard leads the ranking of the top MBA programs that produced the most VC-backed entrepreneurs. MIT is also in the top ten, with 437 entrepreneurs who raised $7.80 billion. Babson College’s MBA cracked the top 20 (#17) by launching 141 entrepreneurs who raised $1.73 billion.

Top Universities for VC-Backed Female Founders (by # of total founders)

Credits: PitchBook 2017 Universities Report

Harvard, MIT and Brown made the top 10 in terms of undergrad schools producing VC-backed women founders. Harvard saw 119 female founders grab funding, MIT had 80 and Brown 64.

The full report is available here.