‘Tis the season for gift giving, and we couldn’t have made it any easier this year. With all the friends you, undoubtedly, have scattered at schools throughout the city, we know things must be getting hectic. Not sure what to buy your best friend from Emerson, or your boyfriend from Boston College? Thankfully, we’ve already stereotyped them for you, and can therefore pinpoint exactly what’s on their wish list this season. Here are some gift ideas for you and yours that are sure to spread the holiday cheer.

For the Terrier from Boston University — We’re thinking Juicy, Juicy and some more Juicy.  Your gal pal wouldn’t think of leaving her dorm room without velour on, so why not buy her a new cherry sorbet hoodie? Thinking this gift is too girl-specific? Those skinny flares with a bling drawstring pull are tight enough to please any guy on campus. We’re doing them a favor, too.

For the soaring Eagle at Boston College – With all the bros bouncing around campus, you can’t go wrong with a Vineyard Vines gift card. Looking for something more universal? How about this nice “Sucks to BU” baseball jersey from Cafe Press?

For the Husky at Northeastern University – With winter rearing its cold, dark head, a brand new North Face is key. While we can guarantee they already have a black fleece, why not jazz it up with some drummer blue for the men or a loganberry red for the ladies?

For the prestigious John Harvard at Harvard University – This one’s a tough one, we know. Because really, what do you buy for someone who already has it all? Since we know they like to party, however, we’re thinking these InsideOut Martini Glasses might just do the trick. They’re perfect for Final Club parties, because at a school that elitist, no one would be caught dead drinking out of a red Solo cup.

For the studious Beaver at MIT – Well, this one’s a bit easier. A graphing calculator’s a no-brainer. Although, because the kids at MIT are the only ones not partying in Cambridge, maybe you should just think of inviting a few of them out and picking up their bar tab. Maybe even a membership to Match.com to help them meet some ladies? Let’s get real – it’s hard to compete on a regular basis with those hunks at Harvard.

For the Costumed Jazz Cat at the Berklee College of Music – You see Berklee students every day in the streets strumming their guitar strings to lure in a crowd. Why not make their lives easier with a pack of guitar picks? Or — even better  — a pair of fingerless gloves? Life gets cold when you’re busking in December.

For the roaring Lion at Emerson College – After being nominated the third most hipster campus in the country, the options are really endless. Flannel? Skinny jeans? A trip to the Salvation Army? Or, how about a pack of moleskin notebooks? No one on campus ever leaves their room without one.

Happy Holidays!