Image via @JFKJrForum

Whether they ran through Harvard Yard draped in an American flag or sent toilet paper flying through the midnight air, college students around Greater Boston were in the celebratory spirit yesterday, anxious to rock the vote and usher in the re-elected President Barack Obama.

Over 100 students from Boston University collaborated on Election Day coverage, keeping track of news here in the Hub, as well as in Washington, D.C. Harvard Kennedy School hosted a viewing party at their John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum, releasing red, white and blue balloons from the ceiling, as the students cheered after seeing Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren and former Harvard Law Review President Barack Obama both announced victorious.

Unsurprisingly, students took to Twitter, as well, snapping pictures of where they were on campus throughout the day, whether they be at Tufts, Boston College or MIT. And the tweets are still coming in today. Harvard senior Lexi Ross just posted, “There’s an amazing feeling of hope pervading our campus today. This country belongs to our generation.”

Voters from ages 18 to 29 represented 19 percent of the vote on Tuesday, according to the Huffington Post—an increase of one percentage point from 2008. Out of that percentage, Obama garnered 60 percent of the youth vote, compared with Mitt Romney’s 36 percent. Although others feared college students’ lack of enthusiasm could hurt the election, those here in the city were prepared had their opinions formed and were ready to vote.

To see what Election Day looked like on campuses throughout Greater Boston, take a look at the photos below. Let’s just say, we’re happy to see the enthusiasm and everyone expressing their rights.