As women in the workforce, we have plenty to worry about on a daily basis: from stressful projects to upcoming deadlines, there’s more than enough on our plates to keep us busy. And while we hop from business lunch to conference call, there’s one aspect of our days we shouldn’t have to stress about – our outfits.

And yet while Stefanie Mnayarji was working in quantitative finance, she felt frustrated and distracted by her wardrobe. From that frustration, Mnayarji recognized there was a gap in the market for a comfortable version of shapewear. The current frontrunner in that market, of course, is Spanxx, but Mnayarji found it ridiculous there wasn’t a less constricting option out there.

“I couldn’t believe that it was the year 2013 (at the time), and no one was offering an alternative to shapewear,” said Mnayarji. “I hate wearing it, I hate the way I feel in it, and it’s uncomfortable and ugly – I would never want my husband to see me wearing it.”

So Mnayarji got busy creating a product designed to cater to the working woman who wants to feel both confident and comfortable in her day-to-day life. The result? Luxxie, a line of undergarments meant to “reinvent the slip.” While Mnayarji acknowledges that the slip is an antiquated notion, she affirms that Luxxie’s products are modern in design and purpose, offering both a comfortable slip dress and a camisole meant to make a woman feel sexy. “I love my grandmother, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in her slip,” added Mnayarji.

The Luxxie slip in black.

The Luxxie products, manufactured in the US and designed with help from NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology, are made
from a material meant to be everything that current shapewear is not. Mnayarji describes the silk-blend material as both
breathable and insulating, as well as comfortable enough to wear every day. A finishing layer makes the product easy to care for while preventing your clothes from clinging to your base layer. Mnayarji sees the product as an alternative to Spanxx, which she finds terribly uncomfortable.

“Instead of stuffing yourself in sausage casing, you’re draping yourself in silk,” she said.

The company tested their beta product on 50 women, and when they were all reluctant to return the Luxxie slips and camisoles, Mnayarji said that’s when they knew they were “on to something.”

Today, Luxxie’s Kickstarter campaign launched, and with a reach goal of $30,000, Mnayarji hopes to use the money to add different length slips (a mini, midi and maxi in total) and more colors to her Luxxie line, which now comes in black, nude and platinum, and offers two kinds of slips and camis. Offering a cleaner aesthetic and a more comfortable fit than traditional shapewear, Mnayarji hopes that women will use the product in order to feel more confident when walking into a room, and be free to focus on the present moment, rather than whether or not your skirt is riding up.

With that purpose in mind, Mnayarji believes that Boston is the perfect place to launch her product. She describes the city as a technology and innovation town with a strong history and culture, and believes that the Luxxie line goes hand in hand with this idea. While the concept of a traditional slip is old fashioned, Luxxie is reinventing and re-boosting that older idea, something that Mnayarji believes that the people of Boston do every day.

Mostly, she wants to alleviate women of the frustration she felt when she started the company.

“It’s a different world for women right now, and these antiquated ideas of being self conscious about body image are just holding us back,” said Mnayarji. “This way, we can tackle our day, and anything can be causing stress, but we want Luxxie to be the part of your day that doesn’t.”

You can support Luxxie on Kickstarter here, or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Images via Luxxie