How you start your morning inevitably impacts the rest of your day. A crowded commute makes you crabby; the leftover mess from weeks’ worth of snow leaves you slipping, sliding and whining. Northeastern University student Lars King wants to intervene, however, and get to you before life’s annoyances do — all 365 days of the year.

Over the undergraduate’s most recent winter break, he scoured the Web for motivational videos, hand-selecting what he deemed “the best” by views, likes and subscribers. With the most effective videos chosen, he launched Year of Motivation, a service promising to email users “one short, highly motivational video every single morning for a year.”

For $27, anyone can receive a daily dose of inspiration. Although the price might sound steep, King rationalized the cost:

If this was a free service, people wouldn’t feel motivated to watch the videos and therefore wouldn’t get the results they could have been getting if they actually valued the videos in their inboxes every morning.

Sound silly? Look at Pact, the Harvard-founded exercise incentive app. Users set a fitness “pact” and if they break it, they pay for it … literally. If an individual meets his or her goals, he or she makes money from those who didn’t meet theirs. If not, he or she shamefully has to cough up cash to add to the pool.

There’s no better way to encourage exercise than by putting monetary value on it — nor is there a better way to ensure you start every day off the right way.

King said his inspiration to found the inspirational startup sprang from both attending every single Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club meeting, as well as spending his own mornings listening to the Smart Passive Income podcast. Beginning a small business seemed like the next logical step, and King claimed it’s been paying off.

“My ultimate goal for Year of Motivation is to consistently motivate as many people as possible, and make passive income doing that,” he said. “Win-win.”

To determine whether or not the service will help motivate you, check out one of the site’s videos below. Needless to say, there are worse ways to wake up.

Image via Shutterstock