For women, a comfortable, supportive, and pretty bra should not be hard to find. Oftentimes, though, that does not seem to be the case – it becomes much easier to avoid lingerie shopping altogether, simply grabbing old go-tos rather than allowing an elderly woman to fiddle around beneath your bust as she attempts to give you a “proper” fitting.

The process can be exhausting and time consuming, but as New York-based shop Journelle is proving, finding the right luxury lingerie doesn’t have to be that way. (And, I should mention, nor does it have to be bank-breakingly expensive.)

But here in Boston, we only have Journelle’s online shop to work with, and cyber lingerie shopping feels even more daunting and uncertain than deciding whether your bedazzled Victoria’s Secret bra is a worthy purchase. (It’s probably not.) Luckily for us, the ladies at Journelle have decided to take their services on a summer road trip – they’ve taken a generous sample of their store, packed up a vintage airstream trailer outfitted with bras, panties, sleepwear, and accessories, and have traveled to Boston to spread the wealth.

“Lingerie is a tough thing to buy for all women,” says Journelle Founder and CEO Claire Chambers. “There are benefits to being physically there with someone who knows what they’re doing to help you get the right thing. Nothing can replace the in-person experience.”

Claire Chambers in the airstream.

And while you can visit the offensively affordable lingerie section at your local Target any time, that’s not what Ms. Chambers has in mind. As the trailer makes its stops around Boston, ladies will have the opportunity to speak with a trained “fitter” who will help find the perfect size and shape for your body. The sessions can last up to twenty minutes as customers try on both Journelle’s most trusted pieces, as well as their hottest new items, with the company’s most experienced sales associates on hand.

“For new customers, it’s a chance for them to experience what we’re all about and give us a try. Our purpose is to provide lingerie for everyday. We want to find things that women can feel good about,” says Chambers.

Journelle, which was founded in 2007, carries a broad array of items from different designers. Bras typically run from $40 to $75, but more luxurious items will ring in at higher prices. The airstream has its own fitting rooms, and the sales associates will be equipped with iPads for check-outs. While the airstream will carry the top picks from the store, the entire catalogue will be on site for browsing, with overnight shipping available.

You can find the Journelle airstream in Dewey Square on Friday, July 26 from 10 am to 2 pm, and in Harvard Square on Saturday, July 27 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Bringing a store on the road seems to be a lot of effort, but making lingerie shopping easier for women is one of Journelle’s top priorities.

“We don’t think shopping for lingerie should be a hard experience,” says Chambers. “It should be lovely.”