Nemo hit New England in full force last night, delivering almost two feet of snow across the Bay State. While most of us spent the evening gazing outside and looking at the snowfall, it took hours for it to reach the heights that greeted us when we pulled back the curtains this morning.

One South Boston resident, though, thought to document Nemo in a clever way. CJ Deane set up his Canon EOS 60D in a window overlooking his back patio. Beginning at 11 a.m. on Friday, Deane had the camera take a photo every five minutes through Saturday morning. To measure the accumulation, Deane placed a Dustin Pedroia miniature bobblehead on the patio table as a point of reference for the snow’s height.

He then pieced together the photos into a YouTube video, and the result is a 40-second look at how Nemo swept through New England overnight.

“I was just as excited for the snow day as anyone,” said Deane, a mechanical engineer who works in the Seaport District. “But I also wanted to take this opportunity to experiment with my camera.”

“Ain’t nobody got time to sit around and watch a snow storm,” he added, jokingly.

Well put, sir. Check out Deane’s amazing time-lapse video below.

Another South Boston resident also filmed Nemo hitting Boston, and you can view that video here.

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