NBC’s TODAY Show broadcasted live from Faneuil Hall this morning, flooding the historic marketplace with hundreds of fans, onlookers and college students hoping to catch a glimpse of the show’s hosts or land an onscreen appearance. The Dropkick Murphys were in attendance, and all the stereotypical Boston hallmarks were on parade.

This city’s sports teams are an important part of its essence and identity. Because they couldn’t show Cheers clips and wide shots of Harvard’s campus set to “Dirty Water” for the entirety of its three-hour broadcast, TODAY aired a package profiling Boston’s biggest sports fans.

People like these are why producers keep green-lighting ill-conceived Boston reality shows. No, not all Bostonians sound like this, and they certainly do not all wear Devo hats and paint their bathrooms like the Trader Joe’s on Boylston Street (granted, she was from Wellesley).

As a side note, all three “superfans” talked about blood far too frequently in the three-minute segment for my comfort.

There seems to be something missing, too. Something black and gold. Something that owns TD Garden and leases it to the Celtics. Something that has won a championship within the last two years. Something that is actually in season right now.

Oh yeah, the Boston Bruins.

B’s fans are by far the most loyal and dedicated in the city. There are no pink hats at Bruins games. There has never been an officially licensed Bruins Barbie. And yet, the Bruins faithful are nowhere to be found in the segment. Never mind that NBC airs hockey on its NBC Sports Network and any sort of crossover promotion would aid its torpid ratings. No, we care only about the woman in the Celtics green Manolo Blahniks.