From the moment that the NFL handed down a four game suspension, Tom Brady was always going to appeal the penalty. And on Thursday night, Brady (through the NFL Players Association) formally levied his appeal against the league.

The full PDF of the NFLPA’s Brady appeal was released on Friday and is seen below, highlighting the predictable fault lines of the case. Clearly, the Players Association is not happy with the prospect of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell hearing the appeal himself, even though that’s his right (as determined by the league’s collective bargaining agreement).

They will fight that, and indeed dared him to allow a neutral arbitrator, but apparently to no avail. Still, the statement announces that the NFLPA intends to call both Troy Vincent (who decided on the penalty and to whom the letter was addressed) and Goodell to the witness stand. That would seem to be a measure in trying to get Goodell to recuse himself.

The “Deflate-Gate” plot is once again thickening.

Brady Appeal Letter

Featured image via Keith Allison CC by SA 2.0