Whether you are ready or not, fall is right around the corner and busy schedules plus cooler weather will start leaving you more susceptible to getting sick. There are a ton of health and wellness apps out there to help you sleep better, eat healthier, exercise routinely, and keep track of your health. Here are a few iPhone apps that will help you stay healthy and fit so you can avoid feeling run down and enjoy the autumn months in New England.

Vision Test (Free) Many of you know the feeling. Your vision slowly changes and you either avoid going to the eye doctors or make do with the glasses/ contact you currently have. Whether its astigmatism, color test, or a simple eye quiz, check your vision whenever with this app.

RunKeeper (Free) We can’t say enough about this app. It will act as your right hand man (woman?) for several activities. Download this app, go for a jog or bike ride and keep track of basic fitness for some peace of mind.

Calorie Tracker (Free) Built by Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong.com, this app will help you meet your diet and fitness goals by tracking daily caloric, fat, carbohydrate and protein intake. It also has a nutrition database for hundreds of thousands of food items.

Sleepmaker Rain Free (Free) To some this app will sound silly but lack of sleep will not serve your body well. Use the soothing noises to drown out sirens, or other noises keeping you up at night.

Sleep for iPhone ($0.99) If raindrops aren’t your thing, check out Sleep for iPhone, which gives more options like nature sounds and ambient music to fall asleep to. Customize the noises that put you to sleep the fastest.

Medscape (Free) This health app designed by WebMD might be more suited for the eager med student but for those who might be curious about a disease or who are worried about a sudden break out in hives, they can use Medscape to look up diseases and conditions, get up to date medical news, and have access to thousands of drug references.

iPharmacy ($0.99) Do you ever wonder what is in the prescription you just received? Use this app to check out thousands of drugs and see their purposes and potential side effects.

YOGA Free: 250 Poses & Yoga Classes: As their title states, use this app for 250 different yoga poses for those that don’t belong to a gym of have time to get to a professional yoga class. Design your own program from the various examples the app has to offer.

Locavore (Free) The Boston –area has plenty of great farmer’s markets and local food stands for healthier food options. Use Locavore to locate ones in your area and improve your dietary habits instantly.

Whole Foods Market Recipes (Free) Use this app to find recipes that use local and organic food. If you are looking to eat gluten-free, low-far, or vegetarian, the app will help find a recipe that suits your need.

What are we missing? What other apps would you add to this list?