Fact: guys blog too. But some might be more careful than others about what background they choose. At the beginning of the summer we put out our picks for the best girly girl Tumblr themes and wanted to close the summer with, you guessed it, our top picks for the best guy Tumblr themes. Browsing through the Tumblr Theme Garden, we found a few that even “bros” will be comfortable representing their blogs. Check them out below.

Gun Metal

This is what I imagine Jack Bauer looking like when he is about 70. Nonetheless, this is a simple, slightly dark background. This is the only Premium theme on the list (cost $49).


The fact that this theme is entitled “Termites” should sell you, guys. This fence might even belong in the Chevy “Like a Rock” campaigns. Either way, it’s a not the optimal theme for fashion trends.

Boston Polaroid

We chose this theme for a few reasons (not only because of the word Boston in the title, but it helped). This theme allows you to tag your own photos- so go ahead, put up the best picture of you and your buddies BBQing.

The deathly hallows

This theme is solid black. A good background to kickoff any type of theme for your blog. But in reality this theme will be good for anyone looking to blog.


This is a slightly odd tumblr theme (it’s interactive) but the psychedelic effect might be enough for some guys to build out a really popular site.

Fantasy Gamer

There’s nothing like tumbling down a dark rickety path in this Fantasy Gamer theme. Blog about your favorite online games including war tactics, explosions, weapons, and more. I’m sure some people will love it.

Whether it’s dark and dreary themes or upload your own pictures, there are plenty of great themes that guys can take advantage of.