Rob Go has a lot of followers. We heard he wouldn’t mind if he had a few more.

Twitter is a great way to get inside an entrepreneur’s head. Or an investor’s. Or anyone’s. And while some use Twitter to post only self-promotional tweets (snooze), Boston’s tech community is lucky enough to have more than its fair share of startup founders, VCs and other professionals who tweet about what drives them—and who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

The big question is then, how do you find all these people? Twitter’s “who to follow” feature works to a certain extent. And the stray retweet here and there can give you a few suggestions. But it doesn’t match the power of human curation. So here are 30 of the top handles in Boston tech who will make your Twitter feed better and smarter (listed alphabetically by handle). Oh, and we’ve also created this as a Twitter list for you here. Enjoy.

@bijan (Bijan Sabet, Spark Capital general partner)

@BobbieC (Bobbie Carlton, Innovation Nights founder, Innovation Women founder)

@brentgrinna (Brent Grinna, EverTrue CEO/c0-founder)

@ca_webb (C.A. Webb, Assemble VC partner/co-founder, former NEVCA executive director)

@cgarb (Chase Garbarino, VentureApp CEO/co-founder, Streetwise Media/BostInno co-founder)  

@changds (David Chang, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, former head of PayPal Boston)

@dcancel (David Cancel, Driftt CEO/co-founder)

@dharmesh (Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot CTO/co-founder)

@DianeHessan (Diane Hessan, Startup Institute CEO, C Space chairman)

@EmilyLReichert (Emily Reichert, Greentown Labs CEO)

@epaley (Eric Paley, Founder Collective partner/co-founder)

@fundatoris (Philip Beauregard, angel investor, serial entrepreneur and Unpitch co-founder)

@HackerChick (Abby Fichtner, Harvard Innovation Lab hacker-in-residence)

@hodges (Sarah Hodges, Pluralsight VP of People & Places, co-founder)

@Jay_zo (Jay Acunzo, NextView Ventures VP of platform)

@JoselinMane (Joselin Mane, LITBel Consulting CEO, BostonTweetUp co-founder)

@jtangoVC (Jo Tango, Kepha Partners founder/co-partner)

@julespieri (Jules Pieri, The Grommet CEO/co-founder)

@lum (Jennifer Lum, Adelphic Mobile chief strategy officer/co-founder)

@mattlauzon (Matt Lauzon, Dunwello CEO/co-founder)

@patk (Pat Kinsel, Polaris Partners venture partner)

@Pistachio (Laura Fitton, HubSpot inbound marketing evangelist)

@richminer (Rich Miner, Google Ventures general partner) 

@robgo (Rob Go, NextView Ventures co-founder/partner)

@rudina11 (Rudina Seseri, Fairhaven Capital partner) 

@SarahADowney (Sarah Downey, Accomplice director of community)

@scottkirsner (Scott Kirsner, Boston Globe columnist, Innovation Lead editor/co-founder)

@sliggity (Greg Gomer, VentureApp co-founder, Streetwise Media/BostInno co-founder)

@wayne (Wayne Chang, Twitter director of product strategy, Crashlytics co-founder)

@ZoeBarryCEO (Zoe Barry, ZappRx CEO/founder)