Brookline based TruMedia Networks, a MLB analytics software company has recently scored a deal with NESN to display their player-by-player heat maps on television. The deal appears to be a short term trial, but this type of in depth analytics is sure to be a big hit with audiences.

TruMedia is led by former Red Sox executive Rafe Anderson (@rafeanderson) and CTO Jeff Stern. While with the Sox, Anderson custom developed a centralized ticket management platform that the organization still utilizes today. He also led the implementation of several digital marketing initiatives including the Red Sox first secondary ticket marketplace as well as the official Red Sox fan club (“Red Sox Nation”).

“Our objective is to provide our clients with a flexible solution that exploits the most granular data sources in the market” said Anderson.  In addition to generating comprehensive analytical reports with summary data and proprietary graphics, TruMedia’s platform also generates on demand, pitch by pitch, video playlists. Not only can you examine stats related to how David Ortiz handles the inside curve but you can also quickly view a video of each pitch.

The increased use of technology and analytics are apparent when watching games on television today and will only continue to grow as the sport evolves. These analytics will of course be used by the media, but TruMedia has also managed to lock up several MLB teams as partners. As a player, having a granular look at every at bat and pitch will allow you to adapt your game and better prepare for opponents.

Here is a video of the heat map on NESN:

Jason Varitek Heat Map (NESN) from Baseball Analytics on Vimeo.