Hockey goalies are a weird sort. I can say because I spent over a decade of my life as such. If you’re willing — nay, if you thrive on — grown men rifling a rock-hard rubber disc at you at speeds approaching (or eclipsing) triple digits, you are by definition unlike most people around you. To boldly stare down a Chara slapshot and hope it hits you is an action hinging on the hard to believe.

The mental fortitude to make that reality your life’s work is a trait all goaltenders share. But however fearless they might be, no goalie would last a game without the equipment that protects them. Yes, old school keepers once played without facemasks, but even a routine dump-in off the shin could render said bone useless.

Some goalies are more protective of their protective gear than otheres. Bruins netminder Tuukka Rask appears to guard his with a steely stare and a quick word should anyone dare tread too close.

After last night’s huge win over the New York Rangers, Rask has some (quickly NSFW) choice words for a reporter who seemingly overstepped his boundaries.

I don’t know for sure what happened here. It’s entirely possible someone picked up Rask’s Rolex or tried to steal his shower products (killer head of hair, bro). But his reaction, to me, implies something more dire.

When in doubt, never touch a goalie’s equipment. Hockey players are famously superstitious — and you do not want to be pegged as the one who threw a player off his game. Especially a hockey player. Especially in the playoffs.

And in case you’ve always wondered: Yes, this is how any NHL goalie worth his salt got his start: