Twitter is obviously known most for being the biggest stage on the planet for people to spout ideas, nonsense, news and whatever else they want in 140 characters or less for the whole world to see. It’s also known for its iconic logo, named after Boston Celtics legend, number 33, Larry Bird. Larry, the little blue tweety dove is the de facto ambassador of Twitter, but now he’s getting a makeover it seems. A thread on Y Combinator has pointed out some subtle differences in Larry’s Alfalfa hairdo, noting that the famous fro has been patted down. Also, the wings appear to be sharper and the shade of blue a bit darker.

Check out the new design, which can be seen on Twitter’s logo trademark policy page:

Now compare that with the Larry we know and love:

There are some definite differences there for sure, however minor. I never really understood the point in such minor changes. If you’re going to change, why not go all Magic Johnson and try to just squash Larry entirely. Start anew. I mean, Larry’s a great bird, no one doubts that. But are those changes even that noticeable?

The original Larry has more personality it seems. He seems a bit clumsy, yet free spirited. He’s kind of like a hippie bird. The new one is all business. He’s got a crew cut, he’s a sleek, mean, tweeting machine who will drop straight knowledge in 140 characters or less.

But hey, you need a bird that’s all business when your company is worth $140 million and employs over 900 people.

Twitter, too has become such an essential tool in society. I once criticized it as a useless tool for people I don’t care about to tell me things I care less about, but I am an official convert. As someone who sits on the Internet all day and blogs about the daily happenings of the world, Twitter is an absolutely essential tool for me. It should be for anyone who wants to keep up with what’s happening.