Tweeting from the grave? There’s an app for that!

A new app launching in March called LivesOn will allow social media accounts to live on even after you die. The creators of LivesOn say that the app uses artificial-intelligence that will analyze your past tweets, learn your likes and syntax, and then post similar tweets when you’re gone. Creepy? A little bit. Users who sign up for the app are asked to appoint an executor, who will control the account. So as you premeditate your departure from earth, make sure you find someone who will take the reins on your social media accounts and carry on your legacy!

Apparently, this is not the first app of its kind. DeadSocial and If I Die are similar, though they allow for writing and creating your own tweets that will be sent out after your death. This approach to everlasting social media does not require an executor.

Though I am no syntax analyst, I have used my knowledge of my colleagues’ Twitter feeds and created some tweets that may show up in 80 years when we are tweeting from the sky.





“Perks of living in heaven: no work ever and free burritos all the time!”




“The ten best dead celeb Twitter accounts to follow according to The Huffington Ghost…”



“Wishing I was celebrating Chinese New Year with my fam, but instead I’m up here celebrating #yearoftheangels”




“Everyone should be jealous of my out of the office notifications that say I’m watching fashion week from my mile long TV in heaven!”




“No one ever tells you this, but everyone gets a walk in closet in heaven!”




“Hello sun and clouds, we meet again”

 Ok so maybe LivesOn won’t be so sarcastic with their tweets from heaven, but if anyone wants some condescending and snarky tweets to be posted from their accounts post-death, I’ll gladly be your go to executor.