Wayne Chang

Boston-born Crashlytics announced Thursday it will now offer its hallmark mobile crash-reporting software – the same software that attracted the attention of its now-parent company Twitter in 2013 – for Web apps with Crashlytics for OS X.

After months of tinkering, CEO and Founder Wayne Chang revealed in a blog post the new product, recounting the company’s expanding vision:

When we first launched Crashlytics, we started by solving the problem of crash reporting for iOS and Android developers. Since then, many of you have expressed interest in a crash reporting solution that supports both iOS and Mac apps — and we’ve answered your request!

The new OS X product provides the same experience as its mobile product. Users can look forward to an easy install experience; soon after, they’ll be collecting actionable insights “down to the exact line of code that caused your Mac app to crash,” according to Chang. OS X support will also feature an upgraded settings dashboard and easy-to-comprehend stack traces.

Crashlytics has tested the new Mac offering with hundreds of developers, include the social media scheduling app Buffer. Said Buffer senior iOS developer Andrew Yates:

We’ve been using Crashlytics for our iOS & Android apps for a while and now we’re spoiled with the same amazing reporting for Mac. Crashlytics allows us to hunt down pesky crashes across all of our supported platforms, you’d have to be mad not to use it.

The company launched a beta app testing site in February, aimed at improving the beta distribution process for both iOS and Android apps.