Earlier this week, Boston Cab Dispatch announced its plans to sue Uber on the grounds of  “unfair competition and consumer fraud.” Uber remained quiet on the lawsuit until Thursday evening. In a blog post, Uber Boston’s General Manager Michael Pao comes out against the lawsuit, writing:

Uber complies with all laws and regulations applicable to its business. Any claim to the contrary is baseless and motivated by incumbent transportation providers who seek to deprive the public of safe and convenient options. Uber would rather compete for business on the streets of Boston than in the courtroom, but if necessary, Uber will defend these claims in court and is confident of the outcome.

Pao applauds “pro-consumer, pro-innovation policymakers,” such as Governor Deval Patrick, that have stood in support of Uber and other technologies that can improve “efficiency, affordability, and choice in transportation.”

He goes on to say that the incumbents, like Boston Cab Dispatch, are simply concerned with protecting their current status quo rather than improving their services for customers.

He writes: “People want innovations that make their lives easier, not settle for a status quo that does not deliver the quality of service they want.”

Pao concludes the post by telling the “other side” they are welcome to go to court, and Uber will still keep doing what it’s doing.

Read the full Uber blog post here. For more on the lawsuit, click here.