While often times unpleasant to ride in, taking a taxi cab in Boston is about to get easier, not to mention, a whole lot cheaper.

The local-folks behind the luxury livery company Uber, which lets you call for transportation with the tap of an app,  are offering up a few days of free rides through their new Uber “TAXI” service.

TAXI rides requested through Uber will be free from 5 a.m. Tuesday, October 16, through Thursday at 8 p.m.

“No strings—all someone has to do is [sign-in] and they can take as many TAXI rides for free as they’d like through Thursday,” according to a spokesman from Uber.

According to the company, they are offering free rides for up to $25 in and around the city. The offer applies to all users, not just first-time customers.

“After launching TAXI in Boston a few weeks ago we’re excited to have Bostonians experience the future of transportation—and what better way to do it than offer TAXI rides for free,” a company spokesman said in a statement sent to BostInno.

According to the company, while Uber has hundreds of TAXIs on the system, drivers do have other business too, so be patient if your first request isn’t fulfilled. TAXIs will be opening up every few minutes, so keep checking the app, they said.

“We have surprises in store for ‘Free Taxi Week.’ Be on the lookout for special Easter Eggs to upgrade your TAXI experience and don’t be surprised to see a Lincoln Navigator pull up instead of a cab,” company representatives said.

Uber first announced its TAXI service in September, working directly with licensed city of Boston cab drivers to make it easier for clients to “e-hail” a ride in the Greater-Boston area.

Earlier this year, Uber ran into some serious road blocks with its original services.

State officials tried to put the brakes on the company’s operations, claiming Uber’s GPS-metered system did not fall in line with Massachusetts regulations and metering practices.

After much public outcry, the decision to “cease and desist” was reversed with help from Governor Deval Patrick.

Currently, Uber is still facing a battle with the city of Cambridge after officials from the other side of the Charles River decided to take the state ruling to allow Uber’s use of GPS-devices to court.