On-demand car service Uber is waging war against UberX rival Lyft. While the two companies have both been knocking one another for quite some time, Uber took the competition to a new level on Monday: The San Francisco startup is calling upon its customers to get Lyft drivers to use the UberX service this month.

Uber denotes on its site that it will pay users $250 in credit per Lyft driver referral. What’s more, if Lyft drivers succumb to the offer, they will receive $500 after their first ride using UberX. “It’s a win-win,” reads the company’s cheery marketing message.

Clearly, there’s pretty much only one way for Uber customers to get Lyft drivers on board, so Uber’s actually encouraging people to download and use the competitor’s app, only to convert their drivers into Uber users, of course. Low blow for the company that just raised $1.2 billion on a $17 billion valuation in early June.

The deal can be cashed in on from now until June 30th. Considering both companies are live in the Boston area, locals can start campaigning Lyft drivers ASAP.

Uber even provides pieces of advice and talking points to its users to help them bring Lyft drivers aboard:

1. Hop in a Lyft – Strike up a conversation with your driver. Let them know Uber is giving $500 to new drivers after one trip.

2. Sign up your driver – If a driver is interested, pull up your special referral page and sign them up on the spot.

3. Get $250 Uber Credit When a driver takes their first trip, you automatically get your credit!

As far as the points of conversation go, Uber suggests that users bring up the fact that Lyft drivers don’t necessarily have to pick and choose which platform to work for. This particular tidbit is an interesting one, given that UberX drivers have allegedly been ticketed by the Boston Police Department for operating for-hire vehicles without a Hackney Unit-authorized medallion. If word spreads, the threat of ticketing could serve as a disincentive for potential UberX drivers.

Unfortunately, there’s no $500 check being offered to local cab drivers for their first trip using Uber. Perhaps that would be somewhat of a silver lining for the taxi drivers who staged a “rolling rally” back in late May, protesting at Uber Boston’s headquarters.

An even better reason for Lyft drivers and other folks to download Uber’s app? The company just announced that it will be lowering the price of UberX in the Boston area by 25 percent.

Image via Uber