Ubersense in action.

Ubersense, the Boston-based sports media company that helps individuals better analyze video of themselves in action, has announced that they’ve been acquired by Hudl, a sports team software company. The announcement was originally made early on Wednesday morning, though rumors have been swirling about the possibility for a while now (including from our own BostInno Beat last month).

As an eight-person team, Ubersense will remain based in Boston, while their new parent company is based in Nebraska. The exact dollar amount on Ubersense’s acquisition is still unknown, though the amount was claimed to be “much more” than any existing evaluation of the company (which almost poses more questions than answers). Nonetheless, the app is officially a success for the investors (including Atlas Venture, Google Ventures, and Boston Seed Capital) who put more than $2.5 million into it initially.

Ubersense’s latest funding round, according to CrunchBase (and reported by BostInno), was $1.1 million in seed on September 17, 2012.

The app has proven widely successful in its short time being available for public use, with a current iOS component (and an Android system on the way). Ubersense is reportedly used by a wide spectrum of athletes, including Olympic stars in track & field, figure skating, and skiing/snowboarding.

Hudl, by contrast, has marketed their own video analysis app to teams, as opposed to merely individuals. They’ve been much more successful on this front, with over 55,000 teams utilizing the technology. In the short term, the only discernible difference on the user end of the app will be that Hudl users can now open and run Ubersense with their Hudl usernames.

 Screenshot via ubersense