When you come from a family of billionaires, it’s easy to give away a 217-acre campus for free. Yet, who knew free came at the price of $20 million?

A family from Oklahoma is offering to turn the no-stoplight, rural town of Northfield, Massachusetts into a Christian haven. To be granted the land, potential “buyers” must commit to offering an “education founded on traditional Christian beliefs” and “prove they have the money to maintain this sprawling, classic New England campus,” according to the Associated Press.

Once home to the Northfield Mount Hermom prep school, the Green family bought the property in 2009 for $100,000, with the intention of giving it to a new college named for Christian scholar C.S. Lewis. Yet the C.S. Lewis Foundation, who had plans of starting the college, has faced some fundraising woes, and so the family’s been searching for another owner with similar ideals.

The Greens have pumped five million dollars worth of renovations into the campus, and so far Olivet, Azusa Pacific University and Liberty University have come public as potential suitors. Since Liberty’s only discussed controlling a portion of the property, however, they don’t appear to be the one who’ll be granted the land.

The Associated Press claims “locals are ready to welcome new neighbors.” Considering there are only 3,000 people in the entire town, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. There’s not even a gas station in Northfield, which says a whole lot. As a girl from Maine, I can assure you that gas stations are the hot spot of most small towns. In Buckfield, Maine, they call their gas station, the “Buckfield Mall.” (Just saying.)

The family hopes to fill the space by the end of the year. At the price of free, it’s not a bad deal. Interested?

Photos Courtesy of the Associated Press/Elise Amendola