Many people will no longer be scrounging for change every time they get thirsty or need a snack in Austin and Salt Lake City, thanks to USA Technologies (USAT) and Isis Mobile Wallet. Vendors will use USAT’s NFC-enabled ePort technology and ePort Connect service to begin accepting payments from users who have Isis Mobile Wallet at up to 7,500 vending machines in the two cities. The move is sure to make life more convenient for consumers, most likely lead to stronger sales.

“Our work with Isis is a great example of how we are executing our comprehensive mobile payments strategy, including leveraging USAT’s growing footprint of NFC enabled touch points to bring more value to our customers,” said Stephen P. Herbert, USAT Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “We also believe that our work with Isis sends a clear message to vending companies in these two cities—and to the broader market we serve—that there is tremendous opportunity in cashless adoption.”

USAT, a company with clients that includeStarbucks, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Verizon Wireless and Visa, wants to position itself to be a leader in the coming mobile payment innovation wave. The Isis Mobile Wallet™ is expected to simplify the shopping and paying experience as consumers make vending machine purchases with a simple tap of their phone. As of September 30, 2012, approximately 50 percent of USAT’s ePort Connect service base of 174,000 connections utilized NFC-enabled ePort technology.

If this initial foray proves successful, we may be seeing these around the country before long; then you’ll be just a few taps away from your Snickers or Lay’s!