When “The Harlem Shake” hit Boston College, we warned you the wild wiggling had only just begun. No self-respecting college student would let the latest, most buzzed-about meme pass without trying to make it go viral. Let’s just thank the Internet Gods “The Harlem Shake” only comes in 30-second bursts, because “Gangnam Style” lost its luster long before PSY put the Pistachio’d nail in his own overplayed coffin.

Suffolk launched a #SuffolkShake campaign earlier this week, encouraging every single student to come out and participate. The turnout was impressive, although it will be hard to compete with the Boston College edition, which has now been viewed nearly 100,000 times, assumedly because the school’s Bapst Library looks like Hogwarts.

Suffolk isn’t the only school breaking it down when the bass line drops, however. It appears students from MIT, Harvard, Boston University and Northeastern have been a bit bored lately, too, especially in the wake of winter storm Nemo. (Props to the guy from MIT who braved the freezing temperatures in nothing but a pair of Americana-themed boxers.)

We’ve rounded up Boston’s best college Harlem Shake takes below, and you need to watch all seven, because they each have something to offer. We’re talking a student stuck in a cage, and a tourist trying to snap a normal photo next to John Harvard before being overrun by gyrating lunatics.

After you spend the mere four minutes, let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.